Muster on the Parade Ground 2016 - the show leaflet, the show programme, the show report & accounts

Muster on the Parade Ground 2016 - Saturday 9th July 2016 at the Queen's Campus Sports Hall, Thornaby, Stockton-on-Tees TS17 6BH

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Muster on the Parade Ground 2016 – The Organiser’s Report


Muster on the Parade Ground 2016 (MOTPG16) was somewhat of a leap in the dark for us - a new to us venue, a different time of year and participation wargames only - yet we had great hopes of success. We realised that we needed to get the word out in as many ways as we could and that started in earnest at the Battleground show at the same venue in November 2015. We arranged - with the help of Leon of Pendraken - that our show leaflet would be included in the Battleground show programme and further leaflets were distributed at other shows in our area during the early months of 2016. We did not stop there - first writing two different, but related, articles on our show philosophy which were published in two leading wargames magazine in mid 2016 and second establishing a dedicated show Facebook page. Other advertising for the show was done both online and mentions in several hobby magazines, particularly in non wargaming hobby magazines.

So how did the show go?

What Were The Good Points

In our view the good points were as follows:

1)    The sports hall staff set up and took down the tables most efficiently, a task which they had not done before we believe and this made it easy for us to ensure that traders and exhibitors got the tables (and space) they ordered.

2)    The displays put on by wargamers, modellers and re-enactors provided quality entertainment for people attending the event. We felt that there was something of interest for everybody.

3)    We were very grateful to traders and others for their generosity with tombola prizes.

4)    The venue was spacious and well lit so everyone had plenty of room and there was room to grow if required.

5)    On the day (and subsequently) we received a number of complementary comments from visitors, traders and exhibitors – so we must be doing something right.

6)    After the show we were able to obtain some photos taken by friends of our shows, which we have been given permission to put on the show Facebook page and soon on the show  photos page on our website – which we will be uploading shortly.

What Were The Bad Points

In our view the bad points were as follows:

1)    We did not attract as many visitors as we had hoped even though we had advertised the show in as many ways as we could think of both online and in hobby magazines.

2)    Our attempt to advertise the show through local media was completely unsuccessful – we know from our experience that getting local media interest was becoming increasingly difficult but it is now clear that local media is not interested in good news stories.

3)    Although we were happy with the range of participation wargames available for visitors to play the lack of visitors particularly on the afternoon meant that entries into the prize draw were limited. On the positive side certain procedural problems with the draw were highlighted - which we can correct in any future prize draws.

4)    Our attempt at staging sessions of model kit building for beginners was a complete failure since we got no interest from visitors despite advertising their availability in numerous ways.

5)    The sports hall is part of the Durham University site and as the university was not sitting the site catering facility was not available - and we were unable to get permission to organise substitute catering facilities. We did what we could to warn traders, exhibitors and visitors of the situation but it may have had an effect on visitor attendance.

6)    It is possible that major local events - the Durham Miners Gala, an event for Children in Stockton and a multicultural event in Middlesbrough - and national events - Wimbledon and the British Grand Prix - may have had an effect on visitor attendance.

7)    In retrospect we should have provided a seating area where visitors could relax and interact with friends - this would not have been a problem.  

Did We Achieve Our Objectives In Staging The Show

The best way to determine this is to compare the results of the show against each of our objective in sequence: 

1)    Show off the hobby that has given us so much pleasure for nearly 50 years – The event appeared to bring enjoyment to the people exhibiting the hobby and to the 220 people who came through the door. Our experience is that people who exhibit or visit our shows have an enjoyable time, the issue is getting enough of them to come through the door.

2)    Give the visitor chance to play a wargame rather than just look at them - It was a pity that the attendance figures were considerably less than we had hoped and this had a major effect on not achieving this objective to the desired level.

3)    Provide a vehicle through which the hobby could grow in terms of merchandize – With our 26 traders and the Bring & Buy there was a wide variety of products for people to buy. In addition our programme advertised other hobby events elsewhere in North East England possibly boosting attendance (and spending) at those events, this is thus a longer term objective.

4)    Provide a value for money experience for visitors coming through the door – We believe that our long established policies of low admission charges, a quality programme and variety of things to buy, see and do is the best way to give customers attending our shows a good memory of the hobby and encourage new entrants. Again it was a pity that the attendance figures being considerably less than we had hoped and thus fewer people benefited.

5)    Raise money for one of our favourite charities - The amount raised was £287.57 (details attached) and it has been donated to the Royal British Legion - the cheque was raised on the 19th July 2016. The amount was less than we had hoped but the shortfall was basically down to the lack of visitors through the door.

If you have any feedback – good or bad – on our show please let us know - we are not too old to learn, even after producing 41 shows.

So the big question is – do we do another show next year? The jury is out on that, there is a lot to consider and we have a trader survey and feasibility study to complete before we come to a decision. If you have any advice or suggestions for us to include in our feasibility study then please let us know – they are most welcome and thank you in advance.

Muster on the Parade Ground 2016    
Income and Expenditure Account    
  £ p £ p
Trade Stands   1,698.00
Admission Charges   418.00
Tombola Receipts   76.80
Donations   241.09
Bring and Buy Stand   36.00
Hire of Hall & Tables 1,302.00  
Printing - Leaflets, Letters, Programme etc.. 278.73  
Magazine Adverts 439.09  
"Hammerhead" Prizes 100.00  
Other Expenses 62.50 2,182.32
David R. Clemmet & Thomas Davidson        25/07/2016  



If you have any comments on the show then you can either e-mail us at or leave a message on our show answer phone (01642 881625) and we will get back to you. 

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