Meet the Organisers

David R. Clemmet retired in December 2010 as Deputy Chief Accountant for a Teesside council after over 37 years service in local government finance. He was involved with a physically disabled charity at local and international level for over 20 years. David is physically disabled from birth and has been a wargame and model making enthusiasts since childhood. Although David's main interest is all things World War Two he has dabbled in other periods ranging from Vikings, Normans, English Civil War, Napoleonics, American Civil War (the Rebs) and British Colonial enemies. When not wargaming or model making David likes to research his hobby through reading and history programmes on the television. Outside of wargames and model making David is a keen Miss Marple fan (Joan Hickson not the ITV adaptation!) as well as some other fictional detectives. David's other TV favorites include Star Trek and Doctor Who. David also enjoys football & cricket on the TV but has not been an active player since school days.







Thomas Davidson was a member of the management team at the Remploy factory in Stockton until he retired in early 2007. Tom is physically disabled from a very early age and has been a wargame and model making enthusiasts since childhood. Tom and David met at a Special School - now demolished - not that far from the Stockton show venue and have been friends for over 50 years. Like David Tom is interested in World War Two and particularly interested in British Airborne forces. Tom has numerous paratroop figures in a range of scales as well as a comprehensive library of reference books on the subject. Tom's other wargames interest is Napoleonics and in particular lesser known units - such as Brunswick, of which he has a large collection. Tom dabbles in other periods including American Civil War (the Yankees) and British Colonial.




We have been attending shows for many years and came up with the idea for our first show in 1981. That year was the International Year of the Disabled Person and we decided to celebrate it in an unusual way by staging an event showing off our hobby. Such was the show's success that we were asked to make the event an annual event. It originally had a different name - "Models, Wargames & Boardgames" - and a different venue but was always staged in the late November/early December period. It outgrew its original venue in 1994 and was renamed "Parade Ground" the following year. 2005 was the 25th anniversary show and over the years the event has a national and, well deserved, reputation for quality and value.


In 1996 it was suggested to us by John Shackleton of Bookstop Bookshop that there was a gap in the wargames calendar in the North East for a wargames show in the Spring. In 1997 we staged the first "Spring Offensive" and it was run annually until 2006.


For a number of reasons we have decided to call a halt to organizing shows in  Stockton - the main reason being the closure and demolition of the venue! 


Both our shows have been run for charity, with proceeds being donated to our two favourite charities, but we also like to contribute to wargame debates. We have had two articles published in "Wargames Illustrated" - "The War games Show" in issue number 89 (February 1995) and "Wargames Shows: its time to modernize" in issue number 152 (May 2000). If you would like to read them then we recommend you purchase the excellent Wargames Illustrated on CD-ROM disks from the magazine publisher.


We are looking forward to organising our new venture - A Call to Muster 2013 - at an excellent venue in Middlesbrough and again all proceeds will be donated to charity. Unlike our Stockton shows, where the charities were local, the proceeds of our new venture will be donated to a national charity - the Royal British Legion - in recognition of our lifelong interest in Britain's armed forces and their operations.

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